Digital Consumer

Joe Kraus and I founded DigitalConsumer in 2001. DigitalConsumer was a non-profit lobbying organization. Our premise was that Congress needed more information about the way that cumbersome DRM technologies negatively impacted innovation the tech world.

We worked full-time on DigitalConsumer for about 18 months. We grew our membership to 50,000 people, and we sent about 400,000 faxes to Congress on behalf of our members. We spent a significant amount of time in Washington DC, testifying in front of the House, the Senate, and the Chamber of Commerce. We collaborated with groups like the EFF, Creative Commons, and Public Knowledge. We successfully lobbied Congress to pass a bi-partisan joint resolution supporting fair use: H.J. Res 116 and S.J. Res 51.

Joe and I are no longer actively working on DigitalConsumer, but Joe is now a board member of the EFF.